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Switch to Maestro - The History

In a world where people travel more and do more business abroad, it makes sense for debit cards to have a single, internationally recognised name - that's why we decided to move to Maestro.

Over the past couple of years, Switch has been migrating to Maestro, MasterCard's global debit brand and during this time, the Maestro name and logo has gradually been replacing Switch on customers' cards and in shop windows.

Switch has largely disappeared from most shop windows and will totally disappear by mid 2007.

Having Maestro as your debit card means you can use it to pay for things at home and abroad, in many ways it is the new cash.

Now shopping abroad is much easier. Maestro can be used at 7 million outlets, in over 100 countries, across the globe. Maestro means you can get cash out of ATMs abroad too, so you don't have to worry about taking large amounts of currency with you when you go abroad (although do check with your bank about charges for using your card overseas).

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