Secure Code

The best way to pay on the internet®
Maestro®, along with your bank, is concerned about the online security of its cardholders. MasterCard SecureCode enhances your Maestro card with a secret code - known only to you and your bank - to protect against unauthorised use of your card when shopping online at participating online retailers. There are thousands of participating SecureCode online retailers, and the list continues to grow.

How it works
First, you check if your card issuer offers the SecureCode service. If so, please follow their instructions to register your card. Some issuers may ask you to set up a personal password which you will only know, others may give you a list of single use one-time passwords you can add every time you use your card online.

Then, when you enter your Maestro debit account number at a participating online retailer's checkout, a secure window from your financial institution will appear, requesting your SecureCode.

Simply enter your SecureCode in the secure window. In seconds, your financial institution will authenticate the transaction and confirm that you are the person making the purchase. That's it. Once your identity has been authenticated, your secure online transaction can be completed.

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