Safety Tips

Tips for keeping your card safe
Your Maestro® card provides quick, convenient and secure access to cash worldwide.

The following tips will help ensure that you use your Maestro card safely.

  • Protecting your card

    Keep your card in a safe place - away from prying eyes, and where it won't bend or scratch.

    Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write your PIN down on anything in your wallet, or on the card itself.

    Keep your PIN private. When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers and letters that can be easily identified with you - for example, don't use your birthday, telephone or Social Security number. If you have such a number, contact your bank and get a new PIN issued.

    Report a lost or stolen card to your financial institution immediately.

    Keep all your receipts until you‘ve checked them against your monthly statement. It's a good way to guard against fraud and makes record-keeping easier.

  • Common-sense tips when using a cash machine

    Check your immediate surroundings before using a cash machine. If the machine is obstructed from view or poorly lit, go to another one.

    Take along a friend, if possible - especially at night.

    Have your card ready. Don't fumble through your wallet trying to find it.

    Shield the screen and keyboard, so anyone waiting to use the cash machine cannot see you enter your PIN or transaction amount.

    Put your cash, card, and receipt away immediately. Count your money later. And always take your receipt with you.

    If you see anyone or anything suspicious, cancel your transaction and leave immediately. If anyone follows you after making a transaction, go to a crowded, well-lit area and call the police.

    If you’re using an enclosed cash machine that requires your card to open the external door, avoid letting anyone come in with you that you do not know.

    Don’t leave your car unlocked or the engine running when you get out to use a cash machine.

    While many cash machines are available 24 hours a day, some may be open only during local business hours. To be on the safe side, plan your withdrawals ahead of time.

    Check with your financial institution to determine the daily limit of funds that can be withdrawn.

  • Tips when travelling abroad

    Remember to let your bank know when you’re planning to travel abroad, so they know you’ll be using your card in a different country.

    All cash machines that accept MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus-branded cards feature easy-to-read instructions in both the local language and English. And the steps for making a transaction are the same or similar to those used at your local cash machines.

    Some international cash machines are available only during normal business hours, and hours vary from country to country. Find an ATM near you >