• Latest card security technology.
  • No need to carry lots of cash (which can be a worry).
  • Your money is protected. If you lose your card, inform your bank as soon as possible and you don’t lose your money.


  • You’ll always have exactly the right amount on you to pay for anything.
  • Its quick and easy – no fumbling for cash and waiting for change, just insert your card, enter your PIN and it’s done. Or if you pay with Maestro PayPass™, just tap your card against the reader and go (see the PayPass™ section > for more information).

Works abroad

  • You can use it abroad in the same way as you do at home – at the shops as well as at the ATM.1

Keeps track of your spending

  • There is a record of every cent you spend – so you can always see where your money is going whenever you check your bank statement.

Perfect for online transactions

  • You can use Maestro to make purchases securely online.
  • Many banks also offer the added security of SecureCode.  Ask your bank about SecureCode or find out more about shopping online >
1Note: additional fees may apply. Please check with your issuing bank.